The latest Dutch New Country/Americana sensation Billy Bray Band starts off right away. Founded in 2019 by writer / singing duo Bianca and Willem Devries, they recorded the Album “Strong After Forever”. They immediately won the ISSA SILVER AWARD for Best International Album and the Fairplay Country Award for Amazing band / Countryrock original 2020.


“Strong After Forever” is a varied album with strong songs. Recorded in the fall of 2019 with the crème de la crème of the Dutch music-and country scene. On February 20th 2020 the first single “Strong After Forever” was released.  

In the summer of 2020 Billy Bray Band recorded 5 new original songs in cooperation with producer Nick Jongejan (The Young River) in his studio in Zwijndrecht (NL). These 5 beautiful singles are released in  2021 en 2022.

All singles and the album are available on all streaming services and on YouTube! There are some awesome videos as well!


Billy Bray Band is known for their energetic performances. Although the first album sounds a bit more traditional (country) they play a unique combination of New Country and Americana, a mix of Pop and Southern Rock elements and an occasional nod to the more traditional country.

The musical mix and refreshing variations between the female and male singer gives the Billy Bray Band a place of its own in the contemporary country scene.


As a semi-acoustic duo, Willem + Bianca (known from Billy Bray Band) are now well attuned to each other, because they have already been able to play in many nice places (guitar / vocals) where their countrymusic and enthusiasm are well received time and time again! They play originals songs and countrycovers.

Please note:

from January 2023 they will start their 2nd HOME TOUR along living rooms, gardens, bars, restaurants, boats, windmills, etc. Look at "Gigs" for the programming!


Willem Devries           Lead vocals/guitar

Bianca Devries           Lead vocals

Robert van Vooren     Leadguitar/backing vocals

Paul ten Voorde         Bass

Ruud Masius               Drums  

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